Marco Garcia  

I started developing websites in 2004 with HTML raw, later PHPNuke for ZihuAztlan vZine which quickly became a online comunity, then after some weeks on development and hacks I made a multilingual XOOPS version, unfortunately despite all the modifications not all the project needs where covered, after many attemps and many CMS's till 2009 the code still did not satisfy me so I started my own CMS, has been many years of development, improvements and new functions making ZihWeb Editor a light and extendible Content Management System.

Nancy Guerrero  

I started my professional career when I was 16 working in a great place in Acapulco, I went through all the jobs you can imagine to General Manager of a company, Commercial Director, so, I decided in 2012 to create my own business and dedicate myself to my passion which is the Digital Marketing, I love to create plans and make them happen in the Social Networks and view the entire range you can have for a small or large company. There is opportunity for all and that's what I want them to have: AN OPPORTUNITY. 
Currently I'm studying Political Marketing and Neuromarketing - anthropology of consumption. – Guerrero, México

Diego Muñoz – Riviera Maya, México

I began my career at 17 years old, still using the old non-digital film process. I always struggled with the idea of how difficult is to live as a photographer and the useless comments and advises that come with it. I never listened to those, I felt deeply in my heart that this was my pad, I could hear it saying: “Go for it!” I went through some hard times, as everybody, but in the same way I have had such an AMAZING times, that I wouldn’t change my career for anything. Today I can say, photography is not my job, it is my lifestyle, and the most amazing one.

ZihWeb Privada San Miguel II
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
+52 (987) 111 6622

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