ZihWeb Editor

ZihWeb Editor is our web content manager or CMS, fully customizable and easy to use.

Written in a simple and friendly language, skills or experience are not always required to develop an optimized site for different languages and platforms, for desktop, tablet or mobile, ZihWeb Editor is also optimized for search engines including SEO tools, Google Analytics™ integration, social networks, maps, image management y more...

ZihWeb Editor Features

  • Light ZihWeb Editor optimizes y reduces the source size and adjust the size of the images to the size you need. We know Google™ y other search engines prefer sites that load fast.
  • Clean ZihWeb Editor was designed to prevent repeated code, our libraries are compiled to get a quick load, without repeated source or multiple versions.
  • Extendible our CMS includes eXtensions or plugins to transform your web page in a full website with all the information you need to publish, create blogs, links managing, business, classifieds, properties, and more.
  • Multilingual allowing the creation of websites in many languages, makes any ZihWeb Editor website able to extend it's content to many languages.
  • Updated ZihWeb Editor is developed using the most recent standards like HTML5, CSS3, also, the libraries used in our websites are updated before being compiled.
  • Integration with the lastests technologies available on Internet to use SEO tools, Google Analytics™, Google Maps™, Social Networks, QR Codes and more...
  • ZihWeb Sitemaps in all our websites with ZihWeb Editor generate sitemaps once the language and the sections menu are established.
  • ZihWeb Aliaz allows you to create short addresses and customizables to keep all the links active, internal and external.

Tecnologías en ZihWeb Editor

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Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
+52 (987) 111 6622

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